Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Post Election Analysis

OK folks, let’s talk real politics for a minute here.  Everyone who is a Republican or conservative is riding high on a wave of optimism that we just had a Republican landslide repudiation of the liberal Obama policy agenda.  At least that is what all the conservative political pundits and political action groups are saying.  But what is the truth here?

The truth is that we still have a badly fractured political party system that is represented by elected officials who in many cases are bought and paid for by people and corporations with money who expect favors in return.  We have a TEA Party agenda that is still a divisive wedge in the Republican party, and we will likely not see cooperation in securing votes.  And the term landslide is laughable…we have a two vote majority in the senate and a slightly larger majority in the house…if all the TEA Party folks vote with the traditional Republicans.

Likely, what we will see over the next two years is a legislature that is still driven by hardline political ideologues who cannot compromise or work cooperatively together.  We will see votes that fall along the lines of the agendas of the monied puppeteers who funded campaigns of Republicans, Democrats and TEA Party legislators.  More importantly, we will see the Ideologue-In-Chief continue his march to rule by Executive Fiat by promulgating Executive Orders to implement his liberal strategies.  Congress is so fractured that no two-thirds majority will exist to block his actions.

Trust me, this is going to be a circus act, not a group of statesmen with the country’s best interests at heart.