Saturday, October 18, 2014

The New America

I just read that in Switzerland they are now following the lead of other European countries and actually building publically supported facilities for prostitution and staffing them with social workers to protect the girls from abuse.  They tax the prostitutes to help pay for it and they feel it’s better than having them work the streets.  I don’t propose to debate that here, but I have questions about the moral implications and the long term effects.  (Are we looking at a future of temple prostitutes as in ancient times?)  Since we are busy following the liberal left’s lead to become more like socialist Europe, I suspect this will become the next new thing in America along with legal marijuana (and other harder drugs) everywhere in the country.  It is funny though, we see these as victimless crimes, yet the victims abound in less visible ways than the typical mugging or shooting.  The victims often are one step removed…family members or perhaps others who are stolen from in order to support the lifestyle.  Is this really the wave of the future?

Then we have city after city that are opting to create government built and supported homeless villages and encampments in their jurisdictions.  Portland, OR and Santa Cruz, CA are two great examples.  Certainly the socialist, liberal trend is on the rise.  The economy is not in good health.  I find it sad to note the effects and the twisting of the facts by the political pundits.  We were doing pretty well in 2007.  Things went south back then when the left (like Barney Frank in the legislature) provided banks the encouragement to make loans with no credit worthiness and practically no down payment.   In the end it nearly ruined our banking systems and has left us in a less prosperous position than before.  Nothing the government is doing encourages business success, and much discourages it.  Oh, the pundits and the administration will say things are good, but the truth is that there are more homeless and unemployed than ever.  Even in my town we have cars that line the highways at night with homeless sleeping in them.  That didn’t exist in 2007 or any time before!!!!!!!!  People have literally opted out of the workforce and aren’t part of the statistical calculations of prosperity anymore.  Fewer people participate in the workforce than ever before.  Sad, Sad, Sad! 

Conservatives are unlikely to regain control of our government, so, I guess what I’m saying is…look for it all soon in a community near you….

Firefighter's Rules For A Successful Marriage

I’ve been a firefighter for many years and these underlined rules below are on the wall at the station (and also in my bathroom…LOL)  They are critically important commandments for safe and successful fireground operations.  One day I was looking at them and realized how they could parallel successful operational rules for marriage.  So, here are the fire rules with their parallel in marriage.
  • Size up your area of tactical operation
What kind of person is this that I intend to marry?  Are we suited to each other in outlook, character, values, beliefs and interests.  Focusing only on appearance, popularity, sex among other things can be serious risks to be aware of and avoid.
  • Determine the Occupant Survival Profile
Take a good long look.  Do I think this is the kind of person that I will get along with and be with for the rest of my life?  Am I just attracted to one of those pitfalls in the tactical area of operation and there is no chance of success.
 Once you decide to marry, you will have to make decisions and will find yourself arguing over issues.  Guess what, not every argument is winnable.  Sometimes you might actually be wrong.  If you have differing opinions and arguments, as all couples will, leave room for saving face and compromise.  Know when to give in to your partner’s way of looking at something.  Put on your “big boy” and “big girl” pants and realize that not everybody gets their way all the time.
If you have a strong position on your relationship itself and don’t see a potential compromise, keep an open mind about how significant the issue is and be prepared to re-evaluate your stand on it.  Time may show that you want to abandon your position…in other words, don’t be blindly bull headed, stupid!
Marriage is a team sport…spend a lot of time doing things together that bring joy to your time with each other.  Date nights, alone time just talking, doing chores together…you know what I mean.
Don’t just assume that because he or she promised to be yours forever that they will.            Stay on top of problem areas and seek resolution, communicate and serve each other’s needs.  Marriage takes work!
Pay attention when he or she tells you something…there may be a bigger message there than you think.  Communication is a two way process.  There needs to be a sender who is clear and a receiver who understands and acknowledges the message.
Eventually, one or both of you will want to do something that will damage the relationship.  It may be inappropriate friendships, too much alcohol, lack of satisfying sex life, or any number of other problems.  Be self-aware and other aware.  You need to know how what you do will affect your relationship and take action to mitigate that…and no, keeping it secret is not the way!
When you find your plan isn’t working, retreat to the basics.  Men generally thrive on respect, women on love.  Find out what love language your spouse gets the message with.  For further details on that, read Gary Chapman’s “Five Love Languages.”

Seek good counsel from a minister or professional counselor to help you deal with issues.  Outside evaluations can often open up lines of communication and resolve problems that have grown cancerous.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Why Angels?

The Bible doesn’t spend a whole lot of time discussing Angels in detail.  I would venture a guess that almost every person on the planet has some sort of idea in their head about whether angels and Demons exist and what they are like.  And to show how confusing the image might be, the ancient philosophers are even rumored to have discussed how many Angels could dance on the head of a pin.

If God is the Alpha and the Omega, and creator of the Universe, one would have to assume that the angels are created beings He made.  They apparently have free will if one-third of the angels could revolt and follow Satan as we are told.  The Bible gives the impression they are long lived but nowhere that I can recall does it specifically indicate they are eternal, though I think we all assume that.  Nowhere does it clearly indicate what normal form they may have, and nothing indicates wings and a halo if you are thinking that!  There is no clear indication that they have special powers, but Paul certainly gives us the statement that we battle principalities in the heavenlies (i.e. Demons and thus Angels are involved as well?)  They apparently have the power to influence events and actually appear to mankind according to a small number of Biblical accounts.  Their appearance is most typically as messengers it seems and not much more.

It would seem that God had a felt need to create mankind for some reason that Angels did not fulfill as his earlier creation…or perhaps they were created contemporaneously with mankind?  Either way we are left with a lot of unanswered questions.  I am certainly no expert on the subject, but I find it really tantalizing to wonder about.  

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ebola - The Unknown Threat

When our government starts making blanket statements like "Oh, there's no way this Ebola thing can possibly get out of hand in America, our health system is to good" that's exactly when I begin to worry Big Time!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Things Not To Do With Online Dating Profiles

21 ways Online Dating Profiles Go Terribly Wrong


1     1. Your main profile picture is of your dog…we immediately think he looks better than you
2    2. Your main profile picture is taken of you 30 years ago before you moved into the nursing home
3    3. Your pictures show you 30 pounds lighter than you actually are
4    4. Your profile pictures show you naked or nearly so…disagree all you want guys, it’s still tacky
5    5. Your profile pictures show you with your favorite chainsaw or fish catch (& you are still naked)
6    6. Your profile has 23 shots of the sunset, your dog, the Grand Canyon, your favorite fish and your car…but none of you.
7    7. Your profile just says you are a great guy, handsome, hardworking and brave…of course you are...
8    8. Your profile just says you are a great gal, beautiful, sensual, etc.  …of course you are...
9    9. Your only profile picture is one of three incredibly good looking people and one person that actually hurts to view…but there’s no indication which one is you.
1   10. Your profile is actually one that is hacked or created by a criminal who is intent on stealing from unsuspecting fools.
1   11. Every picture of you shows you with a hat and sunglasses...why not just wear a bag over your head?
1   12.  Your profile picture is of your grandson or granddaughter
1   13.  Your pictures are so fuzzy and poor quality that it’s difficult to tell if it’s you…or a wild boar coming through a fog bank.
1   14.   You have no pictures on your profile…I call this the “white Elephant gift” approach
1   15.   Your photo is mounted upside down or sideways…if you can’t figure this out, wow?!
1   16.   Your pictures are taken from so far away we feel you were afraid you’d break the camera
1   17.   You have great pictures and have written nothing in your profile…do it and use spell check
1   18.   You make a point to indicate you are only interested in rich dates who want to travel the world and you have booze in both hands in every picture...and you aren't a cocktail waitress.
1   19.   You are obviously angry and sarcastic in your profile narrative.
2   20.   You don’t smile in any picture
2   21.   Your wedding ring is clearly visible in the pictures even though you say you are “single”

Sunday, October 5, 2014

When The Boss Gets Ticked

In Luke Chapter 16 Jesus tells a parable that has always fascinated me.  On its surface it is an admonition not to get absorbed in the “love of money.”  You can’t serve both God and Money.  What fascinates me about the narrative is that Jesus describes how when confronted with wasting (or embezzling depending on which translation you read) his boss’ money, the accountant goes to his employer’s creditors and discounts their loans so they will take care of him after he’s fired.  That’s not the weird part.  What I don’t get is how his employer is quoted as saying that he “admired the rascal for being so shrewd.”  Jesus didn’t say that his employer grabbed him by the shirt collar and threw him out on his butt.  Didn’t say even that he carried through with firing the guy.  The story we have is that this fellow was “admired” by his boss as being “shrewd.”  Why was there no punishment related in the telling of the story?  My assumption is that it wasn’t Jesus intent to have the boss man do the punishing.  Jesus wanted to show how corrupted you can become by the desire for wealth and earthly comforts, but in the end if it corrupts your relationship with God, you have lost everything of value and will see punishment far more eternal in nature than just having to find another job or your next meal and a place to sleep.

Why do you think it doesn’t say his boss fired him?

Top Traits That Really Mean Something

I got to thinking the other day about words.  Not surprising for a writer, but these words were special ones.  They just don’t go out of style!  I thought about which words mean the most to me when I see and evaluate people.


You’ll notice that perfection doesn’t show up…at all