Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Was George Bush in the Bush Too?

I often read the Old Testament Bible and have real surprises.  Sometimes they are perplexing and other times just weird.  For instance, in Exodus chapter 3 we find Moses out tending a sheep herd in Midian.   He sees a bush that is burning off in the distance, but it doesn’t burn up.  I am a firefighter, and I often deal with burning bushes.  Mine always tend to burn up...though I do my best to put an end to that.    Moses, finding this extremely curious, decides to go closer and investigate.  Now the part I find unusual is the passage says the Angel of the Lord appears to him in the midst of the burning bush, but when he’s closer it is God speaking in the bush.  Kinda crowded in there.   Was the Angel sort of the appointment secretary who set things up and then God came on the line?  Why didn’t God just show up in the bush in the first place? 

Now, there is nothing important about my musings on this subject.  It doesn’t do anything the change the validity of the experience or the message from God to Moses to go and free the Jews from the Egyptian Pharaoh.  But it just seems strange to have it be an Angel at first and then God speaking when Moses gets near the bush.  We assume that Moses wrote this account.  Perhaps he was saying he thought it was an Angel of the Lord and discovered later it was God himself. 

Do you find passages like this that make you scratch you head?  Let me know if you do and maybe we can figure them out together.

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  1. Maybe the angel was preparing him to see God? If I were walking up a hill and saw GOD without warning I might be too freaked out to be present for HIS instructions. However, if an angel appeared first I might warm up to the idea that GOD was next up. :)